We are going under water in Maxwell Empire Books

Why some places will be under water

Click on the link to see a map of coal fired power stations.


The world has an increasing population that needs electricity. The most reliable method of producing electricity is to burn coal to produce steam to drive a generator. This does not stop when the sun goes down so you can cook your dinner after you have stopped work. Nuclear energy is unpopular but fusion is coming. Fission is the only option at present.

Coal burning releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which results in the Earth warming up.

The warming up results in ice melting.

For all the ice to melt will take a very long time.

If the carbon dioxide remains in the atmosphere ice will continue to melt.

Sea levels will rise.

Low lying cities will go under water.

Less electricity would be needed by less people.

The population needs to reduce. Drastically. The suggested ideal population for the Earth is two billion people.

Families should have no more than two children.

Animals in danger of extinction from Too Many Humans

The pictures show some of the animals in danger of extinction by humans having too many children. The link takes you to The Family of All Life Alliance.

What is going to be under water

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The sea level has risen slightly. It is going to rise more. The map shows you what will be under water after the sea level has risen the number of metres you have indicated.

If all the ice melts the sea level will rise sixty metres.

See the results of that increase. Do not panic; it will take thousands of years to rise that much.

England elevations

If you are going to get yourself put in a cryogenic chamber and get resurrected in 4576 you can see what could be the parts of London you can still walk around after the sea level has gone up 20m (65ft).
Click on this link.

A link to England elevations as sea levels rise

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