The road went to the ferry jetty. As I passed along it the Tuk Tuk driver said I was going to the wrong place for the ferry I wanted. My recent experience in Bangkok led me to ignore his advice.

It was not the correct thing to do as the ferries pulled in to the jetty just upstream.

I walked back and as I passed the driver he offered to take me to the Grand Palace for only twenty baht. This was a good price. I just had to let him drop me off at a jewellery shop on the way for a short while. I was not keen on the walk to the next ferry jetty and anyway, I wanted to go to a jewellery shop. I had heard they were places to avoid.

I had already been on a Tuk Tuk and his driving was no different from the other drivers. I spent about twenty minutes in the shop without buying anything despite the persistent cajoling of the sales girl I was with. Back outside I got on the Tuk Tuk to carry on to the Grand Palace.

The driver got in his machine in an agitated state. He was very upset. I was expected to have bought something. All along I had said I was only going to look. Off we went. Swerving from one side of the road to another. Zooming past cars. Crossing into the lane of the oncoming traffic. All this at an excessive speed for the type of machine and the traffic conditions. We got to where he intended to take me. He did not take my money. We were back where he had picked me up.

So much for seeing the Grand Palace.BACK