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Maxwell Empire Book 1 Hunt areas 34 and 35 Tours

Maxwell Empire Books Hunt tours

Maxwell Empire Book 1 includes descriptions of hunts taking place in Australia near Albury, NSW, and Sydney. Hunts take place when people destined for fish fooding attempt to recover their place in the living by engaging in a Hunt which they aim to win and survive.

You can take a tour to experience the surroundings experienced by the hunters and the hunted.

Albury, New South Wales

Visit one of Australia's most dynamic regional centres with stunning snowfields, wide open spaces, vineyards and vibrant historic towns right on your doorstep. Enjoy all this while learning or improving your English. Use some of the exercises here to work on your English ability.

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Albury is in New South Wales on the Murray River where you can explore the surrounding wine country, snowfields and historic gold-mining towns.Albury tours with Best Education Tours

The tours may include the Bandiana Army Museum, the historic gold mining town of Beechworth with its connection to the Ned Kelly story, the many wineries including those around Rutherglen, microbreweries producing distinctive ales, farms and activities.

In winter tours can include a visit to a Victorian snowfield where you can experience some snow activities.


Tours from Sydney to MelbourneSydneyTours01b

Tour from Sydney to Melbourne

This tour suggestion includes Sydney including Sydney Aquarium and the Opera House, Canberra and the War Memorial and Parliament House, Rutherglen and its wines, Echuca with its paddlesteamers, the Great Ocean Road, and Melbourne with shopping and Australian wildlife. 


Tours of MelbourneMelbourneTours01b

Tour of Melbourne

This tour includes meeting Australian wildlife including kangaroos and koalas, sampling wines and buying those you like, watching greyhounds and horses racing and betting on your favourite, and shopping.


Volunteer in ThailandVolunteer in Thailand

Do you want to volunteer to help students in Nong Khai, Thailand to communicate better in English? At the same time you will have an authentic experience of Thai culture and family life. If you opt for a stay in Thailand your taste buds will want you to learn some Thai cooking while you are away so they can continue to enjoy the foods they had while there.

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Volunteering in Thailand


Tours of ThailandThailand tours

The cost of living in Thailand is much less than it is in Australia. A tourist visa can result in a three month stay and for a longer stay of a year a deposit is required in a bank or a certain level of income.

Thailand Tours

Stay in Thailand

What you need to know if staying with a Thai Family


Korea tours



You can enjoy a tour to South Korea to see a society where the Government favours business and the population enjoys apartment living. The forests of twenty one storey apartment buildings result in much more compact cities and the excellent subway is something Australian cities could copy. Many aspects of Korean life are different from that which Australians experience which makes a tour through the country a delight to your senses.

Australians can benefit from visiting a country opposite in many ways to ours.

The following is a possible two week itinerary for a South Korean tour that you can book. Suggested suppliers have been are included. The advantage of the tours is that they are ones you can join at the group price and know that they will be running. Obviously there are many other possible itineraries so if your interests do not correspond to those in this itinerary do a search of Google.

14 Day Tour to Korea


Tour to ChinaChina tours

With the Internet you can research your destination and if you do not find a suitable tour amongst those offered you can get the company to supply a guide and a vehicle to take you where you want to go.

China is larger than Australia and has a huge array of different attractive tour destinations.


Tour of England  England tours

There are any number of companies offering tours of the UK and you can also hire a car and drive yourself. A suggested itinerary is given when you click on the picture.

Some ideas for your London stay.

In 1999 I went to England to set up a tour for an English Language School in Bangkok after finding they were taking a group to London and then sitting in a classroom for the whole stay. I proposed a much more interesting itinerary that I had prepared some time before but it needed to be checked out. The survey in 1999 was primarily for English but also for science and history.

I was back in London for four days in May, 2016.

What follows is a description of some of my stay in London.


Tours from Albury to Melbourne

Tour from Albury to Melbourne