Things for people to do when volunteering in Thailand

While many of these activities are free there are some with fees, such as golfing, archery and pistol shooting.

A list of possible activities and where they will be possible is found here.


If you are in Nong Khai, you can visit Ban Chiang see the collection of objects that show the life of a people who lived in the area about three thousand years ago. The type of pottery from that era is still produced today locally for you to buy, as shown in the photo below. Learn More About Ban Chiang Here.


If you want to go walkabout with your metal detector or go searching underwater you may get lucky in this country where there has been a civilization for thousands of years.


You can rent equipment or use your own.

Bird watching

On an outing to Khao Yai National Park you may see hornbills and other birds.


In Pattaya a variety of water transport is available for renting.

pattaya2 460


The food in Thailand is loved by just about everyone. You can learn how to cook it yourself. The whole process would be covered, from the ingredients being bought at the market, taken home and prepared, and then cooked.MealFish460


You will need to get your own bicycle or hire one and then be very careful on the roads. The prices for bikes in Thailand are very reasonable. If you do get on the roads in Thailand be aware that it has one of the highest road death rates in the world and you need to be ultra careful. Stick to paths where you will not have a chance of being run over.


You can if you are interested. There are fees.

English Conversation

Thai people want to improve their English but do not frequently get the opportunity to practice speaking and listening to it.


When I first went to Thailand, in Australia there were as many people living in cities as a precentage of population as Thailand had living in the country. Over 80% of Australians were living in cities whereas in Thailand that percentage was living in the country. Farming is very important in Thailand. You can find more information about it here.

About Farming in the Nong Khai area


You can bring your rod and reel particularly if you stay by the beach at Pattaya. In Nong Khai we found that whatever was hooked by fishermen was kept for eating, whatever its size, so we never got a bite on our lines.

Giving Food to the Monks

You can learn about Buddhism and practice meditation. When you give food to the monks as they walk along the road make sure that you remove your shoes.Monks01 460


Within the immediate area of your Bangkok accommodation there are seven golf courses. Further afield there are many more including Laem Chabang Golf Course, Khao Kheow Golf Course and many others at Pattaya. In Nong Khai you could play at Victory Park Golf and Country Club shown below.

THNKVicPk04 600

Herbal medicine

If you are an advocate of herbal remedies the next town to Nong Khai on the Mekong, Phon Phisai, has an extensive collection of herbal medicine at the hospital.


Visit Phu Phra Bat Historical Park

Phu Phra Bat


Thailand is renowned for this and you will find places everywhere. The cost is low compared to Australia.


Learn how to meditate at a Buddhist temple in Nong Khai. Learn More About Meditation in Nong Khai Here


You will need your own equipment to engage in this activity but Thailand offers you many suitable people, scenes and activities as subjects.


You will need your own equipment to engage in this activity but Thailand offers you many suitable people, scenes and activities as subjects.

 Grand Palace, Bangkok

Pistol shooting

Possible in Pattaya.


You will need to pay for any help required to participate in it but Pattaya and many other locations in Thailand offer you chances to engage in this activity.


You will find Thailand gives you many opportunities to spend your money. When you are staying in Nong Khai the capital of Laos, Vientianne, is only 24 km away. There you will find the Morning Market where shoppers will enjoy hours of haggling over antiques, silk, wall hangings, and a huge range of other very buyable items.

In Nong Khai there is Tasadet Market ranging along the bank of the Mekong River for about a kilometre where there are many more buyable items.


You will find some bars have karaoke equipment.


You can use your own equipment or hire it to engage in this activity and pay for any help required to participate in it but Pattaya and many other locations in Thailand offer you chances to engage in this activity.


The pool at the apartment block in Bangkok is large and well maintained. In Nong Khai there are pools at hotels or the Mekong River.

BSLpool02 460

Ten Pin Bowling

You can if you are interested. There are fees.

Tours to Laos

You are across the river from Laos when in Nong Khai so you can go across the bridge built by Australia to visit Vientianne which is only 24 km away.LSVNThatL01 180

Touring Thailand

Any number of itineraries is possible because there are a great many places to see in Thailand. 

The Official Website for Tourism in Thailand provides you with as much information as you will need.

Touring outside Thailand

With an apartment to leave most of your gear in you can spend a day or several in nearby destinations such as Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Myanmar, Taiwan, Singapore, Macau, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Use the link above to find how economical flights to these places are.


In Nong Khai you can enjoy a walk along the promenade on Rimkong Road beside the Mekong.

In Bangkok a lap around the apartment block at Baan Suan Lalana will take you about twenty minutes so three laps several times a week and you have completed the amount of exercise you need for the week. Also there are parks nearby in Bangkok for pleasant walks and in the Rama 9 Park there are a large number of exercise machines for anyone to use.


Weaving of silk or cotton or bamboo. Near Nong Khai there is a village weaving cotton and nearby one weaving bamboo.