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Fish and Chips at Seacon Square

Seacon Square Food Court has tastier fish and chips.

Having tried fish and chips in London twice recently and having high expectations because this is the home of the dish I had to put the meal at Seacon Square once more as a tastier example of this favourite of mine. Londoners, take a taxi to Seacon Square, head towards the Food Court, buy an iced coffee at the front for 25 baht, then head straight down to the second last food stand. Mawin (pronounced Marvin) will understand you asking for fish and chips, and will give you a tastier dish than you have experienced in your home town for only 55 baht.


Grand Palace

GrandPalace03 460


The Grand Palace and since then I have seen many of Thailand's attractions.










Chao Praya River in Bangkok

The Chao Praya River is a favourite of mine with its ferries, ships, longtail boats, dinner cruises and constant air of activity.




10 Day Weaving TourWeaving Tour

Are you a weaver? Do you want to see weaving in villages in Thailand and Laos? On this tour you will experience silk and cotton weaving by villagers as you travel to the north east of Thailand and also see bamboo weaving.

You will also spend a day in Vientiane, the capital of Laos, where you will visit beautiful temples, and enjoy eating crusty rolls from this previous French colony.


Longer Stay in Thailand

A longer stay in Thailand gives you the opportunity to relax and experience a different life style.Thailand Tours 01b

There are a great number of tours available for people who want a longer stay in Thailand.

To do this you will need to get a visa from the Thai Embassy which will be for two months and then it can be extended for another month in Thailand.

You can enjoy healthy, tasty meals, a two bedroom apartment at a very reasonable rate, the opportunity to exercise by walking around the apartments, in nearby Rama 9 Park or by swimming in the pool at the apartments.

Be comfortable.

Eat delicious Thai food.

Be active.

More information about where you could stay is found here.

The best time to be in Thailand is December to February when it is not likely to rain and the temperature is at its mildest. The trouble is that the air fares at this time of the year are at their highest.

April is the Thai New Year and is the hottest month but it is when Songkran is celebrated and water is thrown over everyone.

An advantage of having a pool to swim in will be to give you some exercise to help you reduce your weight if that is a problem you have.

More on losing weight is found here.

Grape's grandfather died last year and we went there for his funeral. It was an impressive affair with 53 monks, 100 novices, and a whole lot of villagers. He was ninety two when he died. His farm is near Chachengsao which is about a hundred kilometres east of Bangkok. I used my Canon 700D to take photos and videos of the ceremony, some of which are shown here.GAF03

Going Away Forever

Spreading the Ashes


Volunteering in Nong Khai

On a previous website I promoted volunteering in Nong Khai, in north east Thailand, as a way to experience Thai culture more because of the greater interactionVolunteer in Thailand 200 you had with Thai people. I am again promoting volunteering as a means of engaging more with Thai culture.

 You can stay for only short periods if you cannot get away for a longer time but it will be better for both you and the people you are talking to if your stay is longer.

Before with our previous website I did not get you to pay to volunteer but there are expenses incurred by our friend who organises your stay that meant he was out of pocket. Consequently I now get you to pay to cover it all. If you can stay for only a couple of weeks talk to us about how you will be able to help the locals and how much it will cost you.

If you opt for a stay in Thailand your taste buds will want you to learn some Thai cooking while you are away so they can continue to enjoy the foods they had while there.
Some of the exercises you can use when you volunteer are on this website.

click to see exercises

Talk from home to overseas people learning English

If you do not want to travel but want to do something different you could talk to someone in Thailand who will benefit from having a conversation with you.

It has been shown that a problem for older people is having someone to talk to.Conversation 06

This is obviously particularly the case for people who are in the country.

Here is the opportunity to talk all day and be helping the person on the other end of the phone.

You can assist people in other countries wanting to speak English by volunteering to help.

You will remain at home and talk to them on the internet.

You will need a computer on the internet and connection to Skype.

The advantage to you of volunteering to help is both social and also exercising your brain.

You will have read that both of these things need to be maintained to keep healthy.