Help a climate protestor

Do you have a child who is joining the worldwide protests?

Do you want to help them?

They need a better idea of Earth’s problems

Give them the advice they need in an entertaining format by giving them this book


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Teaching ideas for VolunteersVolunteer in Thailand2 400

Included on a flash drive are help and exercises I have prepared to complement the assistance you will be receiving to effectively assist the learners. These are only the exercises included in the programs you will be given and amount to about half of all the exercises. If you need more they will be given to you but that is highly unlikely.

Help for lesson planning

Your hour lesson should be broken up into quarters or something similar, with a different activity each quarter, to maintain interest because 60 minutes of your voice will send them to sleep.

In the folder on the flash drive Planning_of_lessons you have folders for each level, P3 to M3. The spreadsheet shows the time spent on each exercise used during the lesson that day. You will see that the totals are the number of minutes for the lesson, and that a total of four or five exercises are used each lesson. You can see the spreadsheet for M3 on the website.

Download the spreadsheet for the M3 Program.


How to Use the Exercises for Volunteers

The folder How_to_use_exercises on the flash drive contains documents each of which gives a description of how to use one type of exercise.

So that you can see them beforehand these have been amalgamated into the file All_how_to_use_exercises2 and can be downloaded read.

Download How to Use all the Exercises.

How to Use Pair Work Exercises

How to Use City Maps

How to Use Clipart

How to Use Cloze Exercises

How to Use Question and Answer Exercises


Exercises for English Language Beginners

If your customers are not familiar with the alphabet the following exercises may prove useful. I used them with our daughter when she started school after having gone to school in Thailand for two years.

Phonics Copy Exercise for Beginners

Words Copy Exercise for Beginners

Lines Exercises for Beginners

Copy Sentences in English Exercises


Here are over 400 exercises or resources you can print and photocopy for class use by your students. Copyright applies to these exercises. You may copy them and use them within your own school. You may not publish or sell them.

Maxwell Partington July 2015