Stay In Thailand

You can stay in a two bedroom apartment in Bangkok, Thailand, for an extended period.NeedHelpClickHere

You have healthy meals available at a large number of food halls and restaurants.

You have the opportunity to exercise by walking or swimming in the pool at the apartments.

Be comfortable.

Be properly fed.

Be active.

The best time to be in Thailand is December to February when it is not likely to rain and the temperature is at its mildest. April is the Thai New Year and is the hottest month but it is when Songkran is celebrated and water is thrown over everyone.


Enjoy an early morning walk around the apartments in Bangkok when you stay in Bangkok and walk around the apartment block. A lap once around the apartment block will take you about twenty minutes so three laps several times a week and you have completed the amount of exercise you need for the week.

You will find locals doing the same thing. This may be the four kilometres you should walk daily. In the afternoon you will find even more people enjoying a walk. You can see a local doctor who can give you regular check-ups during your stay in Bangkok.

Swim in the pool at the apartments for more exercise. If you are overweight this exercise at the pool and walking around the apartments will help you reduce your weight if you watch your energy intake at the same time.


There are a large number of world class hospitals in Bangkok, many of which cater to international medical tourists visiting the country for first class treatment at prices much lower than in the tourists home country.

Near the apartments you will stay at there are several such hospitals within a ten minute drive.

There is also a Skin Hospital in Bangkok that is modern and able to treat any problems you have with your skin.

You will feel more comfortable if you have travel insurance for your stay which will cover going to hospital in Thailand or being repatriated to Australia.


Before you leave  your country you must get a two month tourist visa from a Thai Embassy or  consulate. You will probably be able to extend the two month visa by another month with a visit to Thai Immigration, giving you a stay of three months.

Remember that you need a  driver's license to get a bank account set up in Thailand or a message from your bank to the Bangkok Bank.

Staying with a Thai Family


Customs and knowledge you must be familiar with before beginning your Thailand visit if you are staying with a Thai family.


Thai people believe in ghosts and each day set out food to keep them happy. While you are there the family will set out small helpings of food and drink for the spirits. This will be put at the Spirit House that all Thai dwellings have. It doesn't matter what you believe. Respect the beliefs of your hosts.

Buddhist Monks

There are many Buddhist monks in Thailand and your hosts may stand by the road before 6am to offer food to them. If you observe the practice notice that the people remove their footwear before they give the food to the monks.
Monks may not be touched by females.
If you are seated in the company of monks make sure that your feet do not point towards them.Shoes off to offer food to Monks


When entering a Thai house you take your shoes off and leave them at the door. We expect you will do the same with your apartment.

When offering food to the monks take off your shoes as shown in the photo above.


When having a meal with the family do not blow your nose noisily, if at all. Preferably get up and get a bit away so that your blowing your nose does not disturb them. As some of the food will be spicy hot you will find it necessary to blow your nose so do so in a suitable fashion.


When eating with the family you will have your own dish of rice and you will share the main dishes. Make sure that you do not have rice on your spoon when you take from the communal bowls as you should not put rice in them.


In your apartment you have a western style toilet but if you visit a farm in the country the toilets will usually be Asian style squat toilets which will be a problem if you are too fat and can't get up off your haunches easily. Make sure if you are too fat that you ask for a farm visit with a Western style toilet.

After using the toilet you will use a spray gun on a hose to wash your bottom. There won't be any paper. Sometimes there may be a container of water and a plastic bowl to scoop water out to wash your bottom. If there are two water containers, one will be large, the other small. The large one is for water to wash your body with, not for the toilet.


In your apartment you have a hot water but if you visit a Thai farmers house they will not have hot water usually and you won't need it generally. Sometimes in December to February it gets cold at night in Nong Khai and your wash will be speedy. Sometimes you will have a shower. Other times a large water container that you use a plastic bowl to scoop water from and throw over yourself. Remember that the small water container is to use with the toilet.


The bathrooms are awash with water. Your hosts will expect you to wear the slippers at the bathroom door when you go into the bathroom. They can all change their clothes in full view with a towel wrapped around them. You might want to practice this before your farm visit if there is any chance you will be changing. With care you can manage to change in the bathroom and only get your clothes a little bit wet.Monks walk each morning for food