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A note to use in the future on religion if we have some others thinking it is a good idea. Religion offers the impossible; to live forever. Even with the robots doing all the work that is not going to happen. Trouble starts when the followers of a religion attempt to impose their beliefs on people who are not followers, or to exterminate those people; as history shows. Humans need to regard this life as all they will get and make the most of it. Society must ensure that humans conduct themselves in a manner conducive to the well being of all other life. Hence all humans need to follow the Octet.


Those of us who take care of a garden are familiar with weeds.

These are plants growing where we do not want them. Generally they do not have characteristics that are appealing to us such as colour or flowers. Sometimes they are attractive and colourful but are in a bed of plants we want to grow on their own and hence are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Obesity and sugar

Why sugar should not be taxed.

Fatties include many who are poor and hence any enjoyment they can derive from their meagre funds should be facilitated, not hindered.

Hence the drinks they find that improve their life should not be taxed to the extent that they can have less of them.

Stolen truth

The lie of the Stolen Generations is condemning Australian Aboriginal kids to a childhood no child should have to endure. Some of the producers of children have zero capability of raising offspring. History shows that Aboriginal kids were not given the attention which characterises the child raising of the rest of Australian parents, and unfortunately some Aboriginal child producers are continuing in the tradition of letting their offspring raise themselves.

We need to eliminate CRAHP

The Earth wants these things to go.

Countries, Religions And Human Plague



All these things can result in wars that could eradicate all life on Earth.

They must go.


The Family of All Life Alliance

Best energy storage sites in Australia.

All schools should be engaging their students in this paper which indicates the best energy storage sites in Australia.


Give way to elephants, or go to jail

KANCHANABURI: Motorists using a highway also favoured by wild elephants in Muang district have been warned they face up to 10 years' imprisonment and a million baht fine if they hit and injure one of the giant animals, and wildlife authorities will strictly enforce the penalties.

The warning follows a number of recent collisions resulting in the severe injury or death of wild elephants.

 Give way to elephants



See Maxwell Book 5

From Facebook Feb 13, 2022

Stories, photos and videos from January 2018.

Riverina Aged Care

They are out of control

From Facebook Feb 13, 2022

Another Australian town where the example of Singapore in controlling youth with caning should be engaged. They are out of control.

Broome crime wave has business owners near breaking point, calling for government help




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