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Good News Day

They have been found alive.

Volunteer in Nong Khai support

It is important for volunteers to recognise that they have landed themselves in a situation where they are not left to their own inadequate devices if they are not experienced in imparting knowledge of the English language to nonEnglish speakers

Tuk Tuk in Bangkok

On my first visit to Bangkok I wanted to get to the Grand Palace by ferry along the Chao Praya River but I went to the wrong jetty.

Crispy Pork and Fried Green Vegetable

I am not a cook but even I have managed this Thai dish, which is my favourite.

Spreading Grandfather's Ashes

The day after Grandfather had been cremated his ashes were taken out to the part of the river where Grandmother's had been thrown two years before so he could join her. As a nominal Christian I am freqently amazed at how much more spiritual the Thai people are than Australians. The video shows the ceremony in the Wat and then the departure in the boat driven by a monk.



When you are in Bangkok a trip on the Chao Praya River is highly recommended to see a large variety of craft and take many photos not available in your home town.

The video was taken with a Canon 700D camera with the longer lens.



Some more music from grandfather's funeral.

Going away forever Part 05

Thailand Funeral Music

Going away forever Part 05

Video by Maxwell Partington


My wife's grandfather died last year in Thailand and we attended his funeral. A band provided music during the day. Some of it you can see on YouTube. An item is also on the website at http://www.besteducationtours.com/index.php/going-away-forever to describe some of the days events.


Going away forever

Part 04

Thailand Funeral Music

Going away forever Part 04


Music from grandfather's funeral in Thailand.