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More False History

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Hot Cities

A relevant image from the China Daily about our cities needing more greening to avoid being too hot.

green city

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  1. Life and Death in Pre-Contact Aboriginal Australia

            1. William D. Rubinstein

When Europeans first settled in Australia in 1788, they encountered an Aboriginal society of almost incredible barbarism and violence. This was the reality of what they found. The reasons for the violence and barbarism of Aboriginal society derive entirely, or almost entirely, from one factor alone. All of the

Not for 21st century

The culture of Aboriginal Australians is the culture of stone age man and is completely inappropriate for living in the 21st century.

Welcome to Country: Bogus but Preferable

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No change

Aboriginal culture shows a fierce determination to maintain the status quo of the previous sixty thousand years of stifling constancy of life with no significant improvements until the arrival of the English in the First Fleet in Sydney and a bit later elsewhere in Australia.
Surely young people are going to rue the day they heeded the decrees of their parents to learn an insignificant language spoken by a handful of people rather than English, the language of Australia and necessary if they want to work.

Land control danger

Half of the land in Australia is controlled by Aboriginal groups.
Access to the land is denied other Australians without permission from the Aboriginal group.
Land use can be given by the Aboriginal group to others to conduct business on the land.
While this has the potential to provide employment to the Aboriginals they have been shown to not take up the employment opportunities.
This means that the land user is not supervised by other Australians who are not allowed on the land or by the Aboriginals.
The obvious danger for Australia is for a foreign power to take up areas of such land and install islands of foreign control and weaponry.
Australia needs to revoke current control of the land and allow all Australians access to it.


Land as an asset

Aboriginals control over half of the land area of Australia.
They control the land and other Australians need permission from the Aboriginal group controlling the land to enter it.
Land has the potential to make money for the group controlling it. Hence it is an asset. Welfare is denied other Australians if their assets exceed a certain amount. With Aboriginals controlling over half of Australia and hence controlling a huge asset the obvious question is “How does such an asset affect their welfare payments?”.

Change Day

Change Day

Flag for Australian Aboriginal

The flag for Australian Aboriginal people who like being Australian.

The Australian Aboriginal flag 2021

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