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Get healthy in Bangkok

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Why you should spend three months in Bangkok

The ABC has a woman advising seniors not to go on diets to lose weight because it is bad for them.

 Listen to the talk on seniors not dieting here.


On the website you have seen the offer of a three month stay in Bangkok where you can lose weight by exercising in the swimming pool or by walking around the apartment block. You will be eating your protein that the speaker says you must.

Last year I spent a month at our apartment in the complex where you would stay and while I was there I lost several kilograms. Only three days were spent swimming but the rest of the time I was too exhausted from painting the apartment to get in the water. Getting up and down a step ladder proved to be very hard work in the beginning but as I got fitter became less so. While my fitness went up my girth went down.

Do not go on a diet if you are no longer young is the message. If you want to lose weight increase your metabolism while maintaining your food intake at the previous level. Energy out will exceed energy in. Net result will be fat consumption to give you the energy to swim and walk.

If you want to paint an apartment we can help in that department as I still have a bedroom that needs painting.

Of course more painting than that and we could find an apartment for you to buy so your annual three month stay is more satisfying.

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