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Crispy Pork and Fried Green Vegetable

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Crispy Pork and Fried Green Vegetable

I am not a cook but even I have managed this Thai dish, which is my favourite.

CrispyPorkIt used to be that I could not get enough of chicken and cashews but then I discovered this dish and it became number one. Also the broad green leaves which you need in abundance should be good for you. It used to be that I was not convinced my wife was on the right track thinking that green tea could be good for you. Then in the last couple of years the scientists showed that broccoli turned off genes that caused prostate cancer in men, or turned on the genes that stopped it. Either way, some foods can keep you from cancer. And this is where the greenery comes in. So this is another reason to like this dish.


Pork spare ribs between 0.5 and 1.0 kg

Chinese Broccoli 2 or 3 bunches.

Garlic 2 cloves

Cooking oil enough to nearly cover the pork and then enough to fry the greenery

Oyster Sauce 2 dessert spoons

Pepper and salt to suit your taste


Cut up Chinese broccoli into strips about two cm wide and cut the stalks at a slant less than a cm wide.

Peel garlic and crush and cut into small pieces.

Cook pork to a brown colour. Have enough oil to nearly cover the pork. Have a lid on the frypan to avoid the oil splattering everywhere. Carefully turn pork over to cook both sides. I remove the frypan from the heat and allow the oil to calm down before I take the lid off. When cooked put pork on a plate covered with paper towel. You will probably take two or three fryups to cook all the pork.

Use a suitable knife to cut the pork into bits about half a centimetre wide.

Remove the frypan from the stove and allow the oil to cool a bit before emptying all the oil. Wash the frypan and then add enough oil to cook the garlic to be brown, then put in the chopped up pork and stir around before adding the Chinese broccoli a handful at a time, stirring in each addition until it has all been added. You will need to add a small amount of water with the Chinese broccoli. Add about two dessert spoons of oyster sauce and enough pepper and salt for your taste.

Cook enough rice as you are cooking the meal.

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