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The risk for the young

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The risk for the young

For the young members of Australian society to be blindly supporting the demands of the Aboriginal Industry is an act which during their lifetime will come back to bite them. Currently $34,000,000,000 is spent each year on people claiming Aboriginality. This will be considerably increased with the new claims their lawyers can think up after a treaty is signed such as rent being required for living in Australia. Young Australians need to object to having current politicians loading this on them.


In the media there are frequent reports of Governments in Australia supporting the forming of treaties with the descendants of Aboriginal Australians. Such treaties were not required when the British claimed Australia because of the status of the local population. At the time it was the law and it was followed. Claims today place a different and incorrect description of the Aboriginal population.

The comments on the subject indicate that the people making their thoughts known are ignorant. They have not bothered to do any research at all on the subject because if they had they would known something about the subject rather than knowing nothing at all.

These days you do not have to get a physical copy of a book on the subject to read which can be a difficult and expensive task but merely refer to websites such as

When it comes to Aboriginal history there are many books from the First Fleet on. The people capable of writing a book were doing so for publishers in England. See these on the website.

Advice to all Australians; stop being ignorant, read.

The First Fleet

Australian History


The writing of this explorer was one of the sources Bruce Pascoe lied about.

Three Expeditions into the Interior V1


Thomas Mitchell




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