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English is needed.

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English is needed.

We need to remind the doltish academics who have their claws in the Australian Aboriginals living in remote communities t

hat their interest in language and culture studies is having deleterious effects on the ability of said Aboriginals in moving from the stone age to today’s society.
What is the point of following the precepts of a stone age culture which has no relationship to the 21st century, but seriously disadvantages the children being brought up in this scenario in completely distancing them from the real world.
To have these people speaking a language spoken by less than a thousand people instead of insisting that they move to the language needed if they are to be part of Australian life and have the ability to engage with the rest of Australia and the world and be able to work rather than have a lifetime as a recipient of welfare has to be described as criminal self interest.
English is the language of Australia.
It has to be the language spoken by remote communities for them to advance.

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