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How to use the Pair Work ExercisesVolunteer in Thailand2 400

In these exercises the students work in pairs to practice speaking English.

They ask for or give information and spell it out if necessary. That is, the students ask each other questions to find the information they are missing.

The sheets are printed and then cut in half with piece A being given to one student and piece B being given to their partner.

The sentences at the bottom are to give them help in phrasing their questions correctly.

These include exercises from Pair Work 01 – 10 and Native Speakers 01 – 05


Download Pair Work 01 This exercise demonstrates the subsequent change as I made improvements to the structure of the exercises.

Download Pair Work 02

Download Pair Work 03

Download Pair Work 04

Download Pair Work 05

Download Pair Work 06

Download Pair Work 07

Download Pair Work 08

Download Pair Work 09

Download Pair Work 10

Download Native Speakers 01

Download Native Speakers 02

Download Native Speakers 03

Download Native Speakers 04

Download Native Speakers 05