How to Use Question and Answer ExercisesVolunteer in Thailand

The file names make more sense if you realise that these exercises started off as Maxwell's English Telephone Exercises but they have never been used for this purpose.

I use them in a number of different ways, some of which are shown below.

A. I ask each student in turn a question from anywhere on the sheet and they find the question and say the answer.

B. With the best classes I get a student to ask four questions and get other students from around the class to answer them.

C. With better classes I get each student in sequence to read a question from anywhere on the sheet and have the next student find the question, read the answer and read another question for the next student.

D. I get the students to read the questions in sequence for reading practice.

E. I get the students to stand. I then read a question from anywhere on the sheet. The first student to call out the number or correct answer (they have been told which is required beforehand) sits down.

F. I get the class to write the number of the question on the answer sheet as I say questions from anywhere on the sheet. I say each question twice and give them 15 seconds between questions.

G. Students can work in pairs asking the questions and answering them.


Here is an example of this exercise.

METE P4 01 - Exercises in listening and speaking

Listen to the question. Find the question on the sheet, then say the answer.


Q What is your name?

A Peter.


Q What time do we get up?

A Seven o'clock.


Q What is her name?

A Kathy.


Q How much is the icecream?

A Seven hundred won.


The following exercises have this format.

METE 01 to 10

METE P4 01 to 13

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