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How to Use ClipartVolunteer in Thailand 400

How I use them.

These are all numbered pictures.

The students are given an answer sheet and a copy of the exercise.

I describe a picture.

I repeat each description and allow 15 seconds for them to find each picture.

The students record the number of each picture described on their answer sheet.

At the end I write the numbers of the 5 pictures I have described on the board for them to check their results.

Consider People 01. If I say to the students "Which picture shows a man running?", I would expect them to write 2 on their answer sheet.

Clipart capture

On their answer sheet they will insert 2.

Clipart capture2

Exercises like this include these.

People 01 to 04

People 03 1 sentences

Animals 01 to 02

Animals 02 1 sentences

Animals 02 1 answers

Sports 01 and 02

Download People 01

Download People 02

Download People 03

Download People 03 1 sentences

Download People 04

Download Animals CA01

Download Animals 01

Download Animals 02

Download Animals 02 1 sentencessentences

Download Animals 02 1 answersanswers

Download Sports 01

Download Sports 02