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City Maps Exercises for VolunteersVolunteer in Thailand2 400

How I use them.

I give the students an Answer Sheet.

I give them each a copy of the City Map we are using.

I ask them questions about the map and they respond individually as I go around the class. Or I ask questions collectively and they answer on paper on their Answer Sheet. They then check their own answers with the answers that I write on the board.

The top of the page is north, so one type of question is:

"What is to the east of XXXX".

We do enough of north, south, east and west for them to all get the point.

I get three of them at the front, go over BETWEEN, and then ask questions such as:

"What business is between XXX and YYYY."

We go over "across the road, across the street, opposite" as being the same and then ask questions off the map.

I get them to describe the directions they would need to give a person to get from one business to another.

City Map 2 capture


This includes exercises City Maps 1 and City Maps 2.

Download City Maps 1

Download City Maps 2