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Going away forever

Do you want a send off to remember. Well, you may or may not notice, depending on what actually takes place after our bodies stop working, and you may be looking down at the festivities celebrating your life. Here are some photos from my ex-wife's grandfather's funeral. He was Thai. He was 92 years old when he died. Monks at Great Grand Father's FuneralYou will see that there are 53 monks and 100 novices. And then there are all the villagers. We can't guarantee the villagers, but if you want a send off with a similar batch of monks and novices we can organise that. It would be best to have you go to Thailand while still mobile, with or without help i.e. not in a coffin.

You will no doubt want to know what you might be missing, depending on your point of view, and go along to some Thai funerals before your turn arrives.

The ceremony is followed by the cremation but in Grandfather's case he did not want to go as he thought he was needed to look after his grandchildren. His brother saw him sitting on top of his coffin. When the head monk tried lighting the fire it would not light. The son and two daughters had to pray and tell their father he could go. The head monk tried again. Still no success. Again his children prayed to him that he could go. This time he obviously listened and the fire would light.

When we got back to great grandfather's house his daughter in law lit some incense sticks and took them to the spirit house to ask the house spirits to let great grandfathers spirit come to reside at the house.

The following day a monk took his son with his ashes out in a boat to the part of the river that his wife's ashes had been spread two years before so that he could join her.

Some of the music during the funeral was recorded and you can click on the links below to watch it on YouTube.

Going away forever 

Music from Grandfather's funeral.

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Going away forever

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Going away forever Part 04

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Thailand Funeral Music

Going away forever Part 05

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Thailand Funeral Music



Music from grandfather's funeral in Thailand.