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Fat Loss

You need to keep your weight under control.NeedHelpClickHere

There is no quick fix for fat. A few days at a Health Resort will lose weight in your pocket but no where else.

The maximum you can lose each week, safely, is two kilogrammes. More than this and it is all water, which you will drink again, or you had better see a doctor, as you are sick.

We can get you started on the regimen required to take off those extra kilogrammes and get you on the path to less weight. You could lose 8 kilogrammes in the month. You probably won't.

The body tends to maintain the status quo. It tends to keep your body weight at what it currently is. As we all know it does a better job in stopping us from losing weight than it does in stopping us from gaining weight.

This is because losing weight indicates to the body that you are under stress. There is a lack of food. Otherwise you would eat enough to keep your weight the same. It tries to help you by bringing into play mechanisms that try to keep your body weight the same.

An increase in weight signals to the body that times are good. There is lots of food. You can store it up for the bad times, which have always existed in prehistory. It is advantageous to store it up. You don't want to keep your body weight the same if there is an opportunity to gain an extra 10 kilogrammes of fat to help survive the lean times which have always been ahead. So you can gain weight. That is good. But you can't lose weight. That is bad. If you are a caveman anyway.

The solution is to experience feelings of hunger regularly. A lion sitting under a tree does not have the ability to trot off to the corner shop for a regular helping of deer. He frequently feels hungry. If you feel hungry you are going to get the energy you need from your reserves of fat. When you do eat keep off sugar. Just no sugar. After a while you will get used to your coffee tasting sugar free. Sugar is unnecessary energy which is just going to be stored as fat. You need to eliminate it from your diet.

An increase in your weight shows that your energy intake is greater than your energy use. It follows that as well as keeping your energy intake low you can increase your energy use by doing suitable exercise.

For a person very overweight this means that running is out as your joints will not like it. Best is to swim. The swimming pool at Baan Suan Lalana

At the apartments in Bangkok there is a swimming pool waiting for your body.

A three month stay means you can go swimming for 90 days.

You need to pay for your air fare to get there and your visa fees.

See the link at the top of the page and ask us for more information.

An update on this article follows the ABC having a talk about seniors not dieting.

The ABC has a woman advising seniors not to go on diets to lose weight because it is bad for them. Seniors need to maintain their consumption of protein. The meals you buy in Bangkok means you will be eating the protein that the speaker says you must.

Listen to the talk on seniors not dieting here

Do not go on a diet if you are no longer young is the message. If you want to lose weight increase your metabolism while maintaining your food intake at the previous level. Energy out will exceed energy in. Net result will be fat consumption to give you the energy to swim and walk.

You can lose weight by exercising in the swimming pool or by walking around the apartment block or at the nearby Rama 9 Park.