An email in 2005.

Hi Phonexay
We have a month's holiday at the end of June and then come back for a summer school of three weeks then depart for good on August 12. At present we look like spending the month in Thailand, especially after we found that Orient Thai Airline is offering return air fares between Incheon and Bangkok for about 190,000 won until the end of June. We have to phone today to see if we can buy them here. They have an office in Seoul. If anyone knows about them they would be going down to Thailand for a weekend.
We got through over 330,000 won last Friday at the Chonnam University Hospital here. Big shock to the pocket. Well, visa card. I detected a change in a mole on my back at the end of last month and got worried, being from suntan mad Australia. The chap we have seen before about my skin was in America and when he got back we saw him and he had the mole removed and they did a biopsy on it. After ten days they said some of the cells were odd and they were restaining it to see how bad they were but in the meantime they would do a few more tests next week. They then decided to do all the tests that day. Blood, x-ray, CT scan of brain, chest and stomach. I have told the chap we are off to Nigeria and he says he wants to make sure I am OK before we leave Korea but at present he has me thinking it could be bad. See him again on Tuesday and am hoping it will be good news. I was going to wait until he told me all was OK and just realized that if he doesn't I will feel even less like communicating.
Anyway that is May's offering. I am going to be really upset if things get worse and I am not around for a whole lot of this century to enjoy Megan and Grape's company.
Megan is walking well and talking Megan talk a lot. She appears to have forgotten how to say MUM and DAD.
I'll let you know what he says after Tuesday.

The result was inconclusive but cancer showed up in 2009 which was cured by Peter Mac in Melbourne and the radiotherapy people at the Private Hospital in Wodonga.