Along the coast to go spear fishing

Kevin Donovan and I got set up during the last term for a drive around the south west coast from Perth to Albany. We bought compressed air spearguns on the assumption that we would be able to spear some fish.
From Perth we drove to Yarloop and stayed with Mum and Harold for the night. Then to Busselton where we stayed with Basil Blackburn who annually took his boat to a camping area there and caught a freezer load of fish. We went out with him and he cooked a meal of shark, snapper and dhu fish so we could taste the difference between them.
We then went down to Bunkers Bay where we went in the water to spear a fish. I was short sighted and to say that I was filled with trepidation was an understatement. I always anticipated being on the menu for a shark when I went in the ocean. We did see some fish. We did not spear any fish. I shot at one and found my spear disappearing into the distance as the bits that were supposed to be tightly attached to it and the rope all came adrift and I was about to become a spearless spearfisherman. However I swam along the path the spear took. The bottom was covered in seaweed which waved in the moving water. And I found all the bits. Big surprise and very pleasing.
Our next stop was Cape Leeuwin and the next stop of significance was William Bay. We went swimming. We froze. The water was so much colder than along the west coast as we were now on the south coast. When we left we drove out of the road that goes into the Bay and turned right onto the road along the coast. There was a farm on the corner. We drove a couple of hundred yards and then turned left up a hill that took us up above the farm. We stopped part way up the hill and admired the view over the farm, coastal reserve and ocean. It was beautiful. I commented that if I could I would buy that farm. This was to become significant six years later when a real estate agent who was supposed to be showing me properties on which to grow grapes for wine showed me the farm. It was for sale. While it was a challenge to afford it I did.


BACKFarm View, Denmark, Western Australia

 The view from the farm.