A day trip to Bogildo

The bus from Gwangju to Wando took two and a half hours. We left the bus station to find an ATM and did so a few hundred metres away at a supermarket.

We tried getting the chap there to direct us to the ferry to Bogildo. "Do" means island. So Bogildo is Bogil Island. But just as people say ATM MACHINE, hence saying Automatic Teller Machine Machine, so Koreans say Bogildo Island, hence Bogil Island Island. He wasn't good at English and we were hopeless at Korean but he knew what we wanted and tried getting us a taxi to take us to the ferry but they were all full so eventually he put us in the Supermarket van and drove us back to the Bus Terminal. He explained to a chap there what we wanted to do and left us to go back to work. This was another example of the friendly help you can get from Korean people. We were really chuffed.

All signs were in Korean but we could see when the bus was due to take us to the ferry as he had pointed it out. It was a bit late and we were anxious that it wouldn't leave without us but it waited. The ferry terminal is a few kilometres away from the Bus Terminal. I thought it would be in the middle of Wando. So if you go there, get off your bus into Wando and wait at the Bus Terminal for the ferry bus.

South Korea Ferry to BogildoThe island is part of a National Park but as you can see from the floats in the water there is a lot of fish farming going on so I am not sure how this fits in with the Park. A marine engineer who had been to see his company's boat that was being repaired on the island told me on the return trip that the island people were very rich because of all the aquaculture.

Fishermen in South KoreaAt the island a taxi driver took us to a beach. The taxi was metered which was not what we were expecting.

When we got to the beach a bus and a lot of people were there. The taxi driver gave us his card and made it clear to phone him when we wanted to return.

We took a look at the beach and found it was all pebbles and covered in seaweed that people were drying. The bus had brought customers to buy seaweed.

Rocks and seaweed, Bogildo, South Korea

As it was lunchtime we went walkabout to find somewhere to eat. The only place was a mini-mart that we dismissed the first time we looked at it but a kilometre and half an hour later we went in. The woman in attendance was very helpful and eventually we ended up with curry and rice in the adjacent area that was a restaurant of sorts but all the tables were piled up. She was drying seaweed and had a table out near where the buses stopped to which she went when the next one turned up and her husband then looked after us.

Seaweed, Bogildo, South Korea

Megan was only three months at this stage so Grape stayed there while I went for a wander along the beach. When we decided to leave another nearby shop owner who spoke English phoned the taxi for Grape. He arrived soon and we left for the ferry with some seaweed for friends. Despite having to come all the way to pick us up his fare was the same for the return trip.
No one had been swimming at the beach so I hadn't gone in the water.BACK