Two Tours from Perth

I had a group visiting Perth from Thailand and I had promoted a visit to Margaret River, about three hundred Kilometres south of Perth where they would see karri trees, the magnificent surf beaches and go through a large cave. Unfortunately they had read the descriptions of Western Australia’s tourist attractions near Perth. First on their agenda was to see the desert. The Government describes the sand dunes a hundred or so kilometres north of Perth as the Pinnacles Desert. Now they were from a country which is as opposite of the desert as you can get so they wanted to see the desert. I did not know they were making their choice based on this Government bad labelling.
It is not a desert. Just some limestone pillars in sand. Hence the group was disappointed. One of them told me what they expected.
Again I promoted Margaret River. Unfortunately they had also seen pictures of the huge Wave Rock out at Hyden and insisted they go there. They only had time for two tours so Margaret River was out. Needless to say the reality of the rock when they saw it after driving over two hundred kilometres was a letdown for them.
After they had gone home and I knew the reason for their choice of sandhills I contacted the Government Tourism people to complain about their advertising but they pointed out that the area is officially called Pinnacles Desert.
So that group’s disappointment was a result of Western Australian bad labelling.
Another group could only blame their leader. The family group was heading to WA in
Late August September for a week. Absolutely ideal time to drive through miles and miles of colour from the everlasting flowers up north of Perth. Seven times I changed the itinerary to try to convince her that north at that time of year was good; south could be disastrous as it can rain continuously for a week.
The group was driven by a friend in his twenty seater bus and it rained every day. They saw Albany through the rain; they saw the karri trees through the rain; they saw everything through the rain.
The obvious message from these two stories is to take the advice of the tour company owner, and also to show him what you are basing your decisions on.BACK