Online Learning

Keep dementia at bay; learn something. While touring a new destination and experiencing new sights, sounds and ideas you can also help your mind at home.

There are many, many free courses available on the internet for you to do from the comfort of your own home.

We have a range of suggestions in these pages and also tours you can go on to complement your studies.

The tours will not be free but they won't break the bank either.
Why you should learn something.
Help your brain avoid dementia by giving it some exercise by learning something new. There are many, many courses available on the internet that you can take; some have a fee for you to do them but there are many that are FREE.
Studies have shown that learning something new slows the progress of dementia in those of you who have begun to show the symptoms of this scourge of the elderly; and sometimes the not so old.
You can do this study from the comfort of your own home as long as you have a suitable computer and internet connection.
Assistance in the form of a class or volunteer to help you get set up might be available, depending on your location. If you are miles from anywhere you will no doubt have to get it all organised online.
Some of the classes have group discussions for interaction with the other students and forums where you can pose the questions you have and the answer may be forthcoming from someone who knows.
The courses may include students from all around the world. The advantage of the internet is that you can converse with class members from several countries simultaneously.
Another aspect to talking to people in other countries is to assist them to improve their ability to speak and listen to English. While you can volunteer to travel to Thailand and assist a teacher there with their English Language class by providing the students with a person who can speak with them in English you can connect with them on the internet and either use the exercises we can provide to improve their English or just have a talk with them. See this program here as Volunteer to Talk.

English Conversation

Free courses online.

Open2Study There are many free courses that start throughout the year. They last 4 weeks with another lot starting a week after.
We can offer a tour to wineries if you do the wine making course. Click here to see the courses.