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The English exercises on Best Education Tours will not be transferred to The Family of All Life Alliance and so will no longer be available online. The four hundred or so exercises that I produced when I was teaching English as a Second Language plus the exercises including phonics that I produced for Megan in 2010 will be available for purchase. The schools in New South Wales at that time did not teach phonics and Megan needed English exercises as she had been speaking mainly Thai until then.


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For US$100 you will get all the exercises and other files relevant for teaching ESL in Thailand and a set of the Maxwell Empire Scripted Books 1 to 4 . The latter of course is advertising because I would hope you would want to buy a class set for use in teaching English.


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The SCIENCE TEXT ON DISK as the original files, the edited files, and in some cases including the use of the material to produce exercises and tests for the students is included. This is useful for producing cloze exercises, some of which are included. If you have not read about the production of this material you can here.


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A free copy of Maxwell Empire Book 5: Andy Ones Diary. Andy is on planet Maxwell 01 which is the first planet of the Maxwell Empire and is 4 light years away from Earth. . The book is from Amazon will take two or three weeks to arrive.


Send me an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your name and address for receiving the flash drive with the exercises and for Amazon to deliver the books.

I will send you details of the bank account to transfer the US$100 to and when it is received your purchase will be on its way. The books from Amazon will take two or three weeks to arrive.

Maxwell Partington




Listening to English

And speaking it.

The Maxwell Empire Scripted Books can be used to improve your English communication by interacting with another person in reading, speaking and listening to what is happening in the year 4576.

Exercises related to tours in Australia accompanied by audio files are installed on this website. These were originally sold as a book and tape twenty years ago. There are exercises related to tours of Perth, Western Australia. 

Exercises listening to English about PERTH


There are exercises related to tours of Sydney.

Exercises listening to English about SYDNEY

When you look up these exercises you will see there are many other types of exercises to help you with your English.

If you want advice on a tour of Australia to improve your English contact us.

Conversations in 4576

Maxwell Empire Scripted Books have you eavesdropping at the end of May, 4576, and during June, on conversations between students and their parents or other students on Earth, in Space City or the Space City Bus, and in and on the Moon.

Read more about the people you are listening to, where they live and visit, and what is happening in the quest to have humans spread throughout the Universe, by clicking on the link below. You can also read some of the chapters from Maxwell Empire Scripted Books 1, 2, 3 and 4.

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If you are a school contact me for a special price.

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Exercises for parents and others wanting to help people learn English.

click to see exercises 600




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