Help with English

Listening to English

And speaking it.

The Maxwell Empire Scripted Books can be used to improve your English communication by interacting with another person in reading, speaking and listening to what is happening in the year 4576.

Exercises related to tours in Australia accompanied by audio files are installed on this website. These were originally sold as a book and tape twenty years ago. There are exercises related to tours of Perth, Western Australia. 

Exercises listening to English about PERTH


There are exercises related to tours of Sydney.

Exercises listening to English about SYDNEY

When you look up these exercises you will see there are many other types of exercises to help you with your English.

If you want advice on a tour of Australia to improve your English contact us.

Conversations in 4576

Maxwell Empire Scripted Books have you eavesdropping at the end of May, 4576, and during June, on conversations between students and their parents or other students on Earth, in Space City or the Space City Bus, and in and on the Moon.

Read more about the people you are listening to, where they live and visit, and what is happening in the quest to have humans spread throughout the Universe, by clicking on the link below. You can also read some of the chapters from Maxwell Empire Scripted Books 1, 2, 3 and 4.

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Exercises for parents and others wanting to help people learn English.

click to see exercises 600




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