14 Day tour to Korea

I was in South Korea for four years and 60% of the population preferred apartment living to living in detached houses. Some of the apartment buildings are 21 stories tall. Most are not that tall. They take a long time to construct and house hundreds of families each.

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They did not have a problem with graffiti, but probably they believe in corporal punishment. You would need to have cameras everywhere and a suitable punishment system in place before Australia followed their lead in this regard. Looking at the housing we have in Australia and the problem it creates by causing cities to be spread over ridiculous areas the cities in Australia need to start going up instead of more out.

If you see the Google map it is at the following address Pyeongnae-dong, Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.


You will notice the forest of 21 storey apartment buildings. There is a similar forest just to the north.

Notice that the subway station is 200m long. When you visit Korea you must make sure you get on the subway and explore Seoul.

The subway reaches there since we lived in Naegak-ri. They had just started building the first 21 storey apartment building in our village. That was 2003. The  Google map shows how many apartment buildings have been put up in the last twelve years. Since we were there they have apparently built a highway to cope with the increased traffic. The address of the map is Naegak-ri, Jinjeop-eup, Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.


You will also have noticed the huge number of apartment buildings just north of the village. I assume you also noticed that all this construction has taken place about 20 km from Seoul. Note that – only 20 km. When we were there Seoul had 16 million people. So make sure that you get to see a city that goes up, not out.

The following is a possible two week itinerary for a South Korean tour that you can book yourself.

The advantage of the tours is that they are ones you can join at the group price and know that they will be running. Obviously there are many other possible itineraries so if your interests do not correspond to those in this itinerary do a search of Google. If you find languages easy to learn you may want to learn the Korean alphabet. It took me a day but you may find it only takes an hour. The alphabet has 40 characters which are easy to remember as they are a series of straight lines. If you have seen the Thai alphabet you will agree that this one is simple.

Itinerary of 14 Day tour to Korea


Fly from Melbourne to Korea.

You can book a hotel so you are ready to join the tour on the Saturday morning. Because it leaves the Lotte Hotel Seoul at 8.30 you would want a hotel the tour company picks up from or one of the two they recommend or at least near the departure hotel. The Korean War end has been in the news lately and a visit to the Korean War Memorial lets you see the sacrifice other nations made to keep South Korea Communist free so being in Seoul some time before your tour departs is well worth while.


Arrive Korea in the early morning

This gives you the day to investigate Seoul.

Ensure that you get on the subway which is better than anything we have in Australia.

At street level there will be many hofs which sell beer and you can enjoy a chicken meal with your drink.

You can visit an Aquarium where at the entrance you will see a tank filled with piranhas.

The War Memorial is a place you should visit during your free time if just to see the number of Americans who gave their lives to defend Korea during the Korean War. You will find the Australian deaths as well.

For dinner you will want to experience a Korean restaurant preferably with chairs for you to sit on unless you can manage the cushion on the floor. The many side dishes are the attraction here and you might like the kimchi.

Overnight: Seoul Hotel


In Seoul

Seoul has many things to see apart from those mentioned above. Today you might like to get to somewhere near the American Embassy where I assume there are still bus loads of police on hand to protect it from demonstrators. After seeing how many of them died helping the country you wonder about the mentality of some people.

For dinner you could try a beef BBQ restaurant where the service is more than you expect.

Overnight: Seoul HotelFishermenDSCN0449 1000


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You will also book your tour to the DMZ on the second Sunday for when you return to Seoul.

Saturday to Friday on tour.


Today the tour finishes and you return to Seoul.

Overnight: Seoul Hotel


In Seoul

You will have found out what you would like to see today over the week away.

Overnight: Seoul Hotel


Today you can look over the border to see the strip of land separating North and South Korea on a day tour to the DMZ.

Overnight: Seoul Hotel


In Seoul until you depart Korea


Arrive Australia