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Best Education Tours 10 Day Handweaving Tour of Thailand and Laos

This tour is recommended in December and January when the weather is best.ContactUsClickHere

The weaving village is on its way to the Victory Golf Resort where you can change the itinerary and play a round of golf if you like.

All the equipment can be hired as can the caddies or golf buggies.


Pratunam Market

Ayuthaya Historical Park

Elephant Ride

Chonnabot to see silk weaving

Phu Phra Bat Historical Park

Weaving village.

Bamboo village.

Vientiane in Laos

Morning Market

Meditation Centre in Nong Khai

Sala Gare Koo in Nong Khai

Itinerary 10 Day Handweaving Tour of Thailand and Laos

Day 01 Friday

Depart Melbourne

Day 02 Saturday, (D)

Arrive at Bangkok and transfer to Baiyoke Sky Hotel

Wander around the hundreds of clothing shops in the Pratunam Market.


Overnight Baiyoke Sky

Day 03 Sunday, (B, L, D)

Checkout of the hotel and drive to Pathum Thani.

Visit the Talad Thai to see a market in Thailand.

Talat Thai is Thailand's largest, international standard wholesale and retail market for food products and all agricultural products including fruits, vegetables, cut flowers and pot plants. It is on 200 acres of land. In particular see the different insects you can buy to eat.

Travel to Ayutthaya.

Lunch at a restaurant in Ayuthaya.

Visit Ayuthaya Historical Park

Ayuthaya was Siam's capital from 1365-1767. It was sacked and burned by the Burmese and you will see the magnificent ruins.

Ride on an elephant for 20 minutes.

Overnight Ayuthaya

Day 04 Monday, (B, L, D)

Travel on to Chonnabot to see silk weaving and production.


Examples of Mut Mee to be seen at the Museum.

Lunch in Khon Kaen on the lake.

Drive to Udon Thani and on to the Nha Kha silk village. Here silk shirts, dresses and other items are for sale at very reasonable prices. Bargaining over the price is expected.

Dinner at hotel.

Overnight at Mekong Royal Hotel.

Day 05 Tuesday, (B, L, D)

Drive to Si Chiang Mai.

View Vientiane across the Mekong River.

Travel to Phu Phra Bat Historical Park

About 80km from Nong Khai you can see some cave man etchings of animals and human figures, as well as impressive views over the surrounding countryside. The adjacent Wat is a quiet place for monks to meditate. The caves and structures were in use about 2,500 to 3,000 years ago. The dates are shown on the signs as you walk around. Each place of interest is signposted in Thai and English.

Visit the Weaving village.

You will be shown what to do and then you can use a machine to make your own cloth if you want to.

Visit the Bamboo village.

Return to Nong Khai.

Overnight at Mekong Royal Hotel.

Day 06 Wednesday, (B, L & D)

Offer food to monks.

Travel to Vientiane in Laos after crossing the bridge over the Mekong River.

Shop at the Morning Market.

Visit several wats.

Lunch in Vientiane.

Return to Nong Khai.

Overnight at Mekong Royal Hotel.

Day 07 Thursday, (B, L, D)

Spend the day looking at Nong Khai.

Visit cricket farms.

Visit the Meditation Centre.

Visit Sala Gare Koo.

Lunch at the Vietnamese Restaurant on the Mekong River.

Walk through Tasadet Market.

Visit the Good Shepherd Sisters.

Overnight at Mekong Royal Hotel.

Day 08 Friday, (B, L, D)

Drive to Udon Thani.

Look at silk in Nha Kha village again.

Visit the orchid farm in Udon Thani.

Udon Thani Sunshine Orchid Farm is famous for a variety of orchids, orchid derived perfumes, and plants that "dance to music". Fly to Bangkok.

Wander around the hundreds of clothing shops in the Pratunam Market.

Overnight Baiyoke Sky

Day 09 Saturday, (B, L, D)

Spend time shopping and sightseeing in Bangkok.

Visit a floating market in Bangkok.


Siam Ocean World in Bangkok.

Afternoon shopping at Mah Boon Krong

Overnight Baiyoke Sky

Day 10 Sunday, (B)

Transfer to Bangkok airport for departure.