Nong Khai Meditation Centre

Do you want to meditate during your stay? Nong Khai has a Meditation Centre.Nong Khai Meditation Centre

Wat Noen Phranoa, Meditation Centre of Nong Khai Province, Pho Chai District, Nong Khai, Thailand, 43000

The Nong Khai Meditation Centre is set on 78 rai (12.5 hectares) in the middle of Nong Khai. The Centre has a large part of the area set aside for individual meditation in the accommodation provided.

There is accommodation available for 150 people. Some of the accommodation is built around a small lake.

There are different areas for male and females to stay in when they visit the centre. For VIPs there are four special rooms with air conditioning in part of the grounds.

The meditation accommodation is set in lush green surroundings.

Nong Khai has many Wats, or temples, and many Buddhist monks. They come mainly from Thailand and Laos to study at the local Buddhist University.

The Abbot can get English speaking monks to instruct you in Buddhist meditation as has been practiced for thousands of years. People who have never done meditation before can practice it at the centre. Both men and women are welcome to meditate at the centre. The centre is open every day for enquiries and visitors.

Meals and courses are held in temple hall of religious instruction. Both monks and lay people attend lectures on Buddhist days, which are twice a month on days determined by the moon. Full moon and the opposite. These will not be in English so would not apply to you.

You can contact the Abbot directly, but if you don't speak Thai you could get us to co-ordinate your visit. What you pay for your stay is a matter for your
conscience and ability to assist the Abbot and his monks in improving the Centre.

Going to the Meditation Centre

It is free to stay in the centre but obviously they would appreciate a donation.

While there are several suggestions on how to meditate while sitting, walking etc., it boils down to getting in a comfortable position and then getting your brain to stop thinking extraneous thoughts.

Comfortable for you is not comfortable for Asians.

Unless you are used to sitting in such a position, you won't find the lotus position the least bit comfortable, whereas for Asians it is very comfortable. Do not lie down. You will go to sleep. A suitable chair is most appropriate if you have one.

To get your brain on the right track you can repeat a sound. Not a sequence. Don't count. You will then have to think. Something like "win, win, win, " or "run, run, run, ".

Another way is to concentrate on your body working.
For example, on your breathing. The idea is to not think about past, present or future.Nong Khai Meditation Centre and a monk

The monks eat before lunchtime and then not until the next day. You will have the food delivered to your hut. You can go outside your hut whenever you like and they will insist you do every fortnight.

They sometimes have someone who speaks English at the Wat but you cannot depend on it.