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Images taken around Albury, NSW, Australia.

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Maxwell Empire The Maxwell Empire Books tell you about life in the year 4576.

Maxwell Empire Books

The latest book in the series is


Andy is on planet Maxwell 01 which is the first of the Maxwell Empire and is 4 light years away from Earth.

Andy and his siblings are the Ones. The first humans on Maxwell 01. He was born in the 4573 Earth year or 0000 Maxwell 01. They take Earth years, months to keep it simple for Earth people when they read messages from Maxwell 01. It is now 4587 or 0014. So he is 14 year old Andy One.

Andy makes many pertinent observations on Earth humans over the history of Earth. His diary was written in the year 4587 and Earthlings will read it in 4591 as he is four light years away.

MAXWELL EMPIRE BOOK 5: Andy Ones Diary is finished and is available on Amazon. Click on the image and you can read a bit of the book. Better still give Amazon some money and read it all.



 In the Maxwell Empire Books by 4576 sea levels have risen twenty metres. See why here.

We are going under water



For English Language students.

Are you going on a tour in Australia to practice your English?

There are exercises here that you can do before you leave.

Help with English

Listening to English

And speaking it.

For more English exercises go to

Teaching ideas for Volunteers


Travel Stories

Stories and photos of travel in Australia and overseas.

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keep brain active 600

It does not matter whether you are 7 or 70 there are things you would like to know more about. You need to keep your brain engaged from a young age to ensure that it works as well as possible when you are older. Google can help you investigate your interests more fully

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LearningLots of things here you can learn about.

Work, rest or play

It might be learning about English writers of renown in England such as Wordsworth when you visit the Lakes District in the UK, Ned Kelly country in Victoria and New South Wales in Australia, apartment blocks to combat urban sprawl as seen in South Korea, or aquaculture in Thailand to feed the world's increasing population, but any of them will be worthwhile if it causes your brain to tick over more. Join the continuously learning by searching YouTube for entertaining educational videos.Volunteer in Nong Khai 2

If you want to interact more with the locals in Thailand you can volunteer to improve their English, like you can if you stay in Nong Khai in Thailand. This way you get to experience a different culture, meet new friends, and help people who need it.

Do you want to help people in Nong Khai in Thailand to improve their English?

Do you want to have an authentic experience of Thai culture and family life? Volunteer in Nong Khai.

In September/October you can see the boat races on the Mekong like the paddlers below.

Boats on the Mekong

Exercises to help others speak English

If you are going to volunteer to assist Thai people to speak English there are a large number of exercises you can use on this website. Note that they are copyright.

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Nong Khai sights Some images of what you will see when you visit Nong Khai.