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Travel Stories

Stories and photos of travel in Australia and overseas.

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It does not matter whether you are 7 or 70 there are things you would like to know more about. You need to keep your brain engaged from a young age to ensure that it works as well as possible when you are older. We can help you investigate your interests more fully.

Keep up with the news. Click on the images for the news of your choice.


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LearningLots of things here you can learn about.

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It might be learning about English writers of renown in England such as Wordsworth when you visit the Lakes District in the UK, Ned Kelly country in Victoria and New South Wales in Australia, apartment blocks to combat urban sprawl as seen in South Korea, or aquaculture in Thailand to feed the world's increasing population, but any of them will be worthwhile if it causes your brain to tick over more.Volunteer in Nong Khai 2

If you want to interact more with the locals you can volunteer to improve their English, like you can in Nong Khai in Thailand. This way you get to experience a different culture, meet new friends, and help people who need it.


If you are reading this and you need to improve your speaking and listening in English contact us and we will find someone who will converse with you using Skype or Messenger.


Are you an Australian with UK origins?England tours

Our history is an obvious choice for a study tour. A visit to the UK relates to those of us whose ancestors came from there.

You speak English so you can get by on your own on a UK Self Drive Tour.

Likewise Europe has connections for many of us and Asia for an increasing number.

You can Google to find a tour that will satisfy your needs.

Changing of the guard video


Exercises to help others speak English

If you are going to volunteer to assist Thai people to speak English there are a large number of exercises you can use on this website. Note that they are copyright.

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Tours around Albury, New South Wales, Australia

Albury toursWant to see rural Australia?

You can visit one of Australia's most dynamic regional centres with everything from stunning snowfields and wide open spaces to vineyards and vibrant historic towns right on your doorstep.

Albury is on the Murray River, about 600 km from Sydney, about 300 km from Melbourne, and about 300 km from Canberra.


Your stay in Albury will be enhanced by visits to the paddlesteamers at Echuca with a ride on one along the Murray River, to Beechworth with its history of gold mining and Ned Kelly, to Rutherglen and its many wineries, to Corowa with its history of the Federation of Australia.

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This link is to a tour to Albury for the snow fields next season.

Do you want to see where your food comes from? Before your visit to Albury you should look at this website.

Mountains to Murray Local Produce Guide

Many tourists hire a car and drive themselves to places that interest them. Read this suggestion of the best road trip in Australia.

Korea tours 2You can enjoy a tour to South Korea to see a society where the Government favours business and the population enjoys apartment living. The forests of twenty one storey apartment buildings result in much more compact cities and the excellent subway is something Australian cities could copy. Many aspects of Korean life are different from that which Australians experience which makes a tour through the country a delight to your senses.

Tour in China

China offers a huge variety of tour destinations that can be investigated at China Travel Pro.

China Travel Agency, China Tours with China Highlights - Since 1959! China tours

Some of the interesting aspects include the size of population of the larger cities being equal to that of Australia, high speed trains linking the places you will probably visit, prices that will delight you, shopping in a supermarket with an array of foods some familiar, many not.

You will be working with businesses in the various locations which will ensure that you can have the best possible experience during your tour or stay.



Tour in Thailand

Thailand tours 2You can volunteer to speak English to people in Nong Khai, Thailand when you will go around the district being shown the sights and life in Thailand. You can also take a tour of Thailand to sightsee or with a specific purpose in mind such as to find out about aquaculture.

Shrimp culture is a major enterprise in Thailand. You can go on a tour to see fish farms to the east of Bangkok at Chachengsao and in the Mekong River.

You can also include Laos in a tour as when you reach Nong Khai the capital of Laos, Vientiane, is only twenty four kilometres away on the other side of the Mekong.

Volunteer in Nong Khai, Thailand

Do you want to help people in Nong Khai in Thailand to improve their English?

In September/October you can see the boat races on the Mekong like the paddlers below.

Boats on the Mekong

Do you want to have an authentic experience of Thai culture and family life?

Volunteer in Nong Khai 2

You can stay in Thailand to help students speaking and listening to English. Thai students all learn English and can read and write but generally get little opportunity to converse with English speakers. This is where you can help. Volunteer in Thailand 3 400

Here is more information about volunteering in Thailand.

If you opt for a stay in Thailand your taste buds will want you to learn some Thai cooking while you are away so they can continue to enjoy the foods they had while there.

Some of the exercises you can use if you need to when you volunteer are available to see on this website.

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Nong Khai sights Some images of what you will see when you visit Nong Khai.