Tourist places under water

Why they will be under water

Click on the link to see a map of coal fired power stations.

What is going to be under water

See if is it going under water

Buy Maxwell Empire Book 1

Read how the world is faring with rising water in 4576. Visit Maxwell Empire. The website has links so you can buy Maxwell Empire Book 1 from Amazon. It is priced as an affordable read for students to be better informed.

I Love the Governor

I love my car

Walking was the pits

I love my house

My humpy was not warm

I love McDonalds

Kangaroos are just too hard to catch

I love a Boags

Which can be a problem

I love my tele

Talking is good but pictures beat it

I love my phone

Smoke signals aren’t as good

It was all from Governor Phillip

Coming here back in 1788

That I no longer just walk

That I no longer am stone age man

He changed me to modern man

A must read for Australians

Australians should read the true story of the beginning of civilisation in this country. These two books were written by people in the colony. If you want to read more such books Gutenburg has many you will find when you make a search of the site.

An Account of the English Colony in New South Wales, Volume 1 by Collins and King

An Account of the English Colony in New South Wales, Volume 2 by George Bass et al.