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Best Education Tours suggestions for Istanbul

If you speak English and the local language is just that then you can communicate with people to find out what it is you are looking at, what is going on or what is going to happen.
When the local language is something other than English and no one you encounter speaks it you can have a problem. Then a group can be advantageous or if the local guides are not too expensive you can employ your own for a day or two.
My first trip to China I needed a guide and car because I was organising a tour itinerary including firing a machine gun at a rifle range. He was obtained for me by the chap who now runs the company I recommend for China tours and I had a very successful time. I suggest that if you know what you want to do and have your own family group with you then employing your own guide and transport can make for a very successful experience.
If you do plan your own itinerary it is advisable to listen to the advice from the locals. I had a customer who had a family group that was going to visit Western Australia in late August, early September. Just right for seeing the miles and miles of flowers up north of Perth. Go south of Perth in August and it can rain all week. I provided seven revisions of the itinerary. I pushed going north. To no avail. The group went south. And unfortunately it did rain for the seven days.
Visiting Istanbul means going to a country where English is not the first language but when you walk around the tourist areas you will find communication not a problem. Tourism is a thriving industry with many participants all of whom are seeking your business and wanting to speak with you. So while you can take an organised tour you can successfully navigate your way to the attractions you want to see.

The last time I was in Istanbul the tour business touts were nowhere near as pushy as they had been previously but still obvious and talented in English.


A search of the Internet shows many tour businesses. I am partial to boat trips and you can get yourself down to the ferry terminal to hop on a ferry to experience Istanbul from the Bosphorus or if you want a more structured experience the office of IBO Cruise Tours is easily found.